Downloading Packages

You can use a script to download the necessary packages in the link above:

Download the script and change its permission with the command above:

chmod +x <script name>

And then run the script with:

./<script name>

Please download the packages for Ubuntu 14.10. Then, the folder will be full of .deb files. The next step is to install some of these packages using dpkg.

Instaling Packages and Toolchain

Now, you need to install some of these. This is simple, but you have to do it following the order above. The command for each of those is

dpkg -i <package name>

The correct order is (the X is the version of the software):


You can ignore the errors and move on.

Installing IBM SDK

After all the dependencies issues are solved, download fdpr_wrap, fdpr-pro, pthread-mon, ibm-sdk-lop and ibm-sdk-lop-remote-dependencies on this link:

Install each of these packages with dpkg again, running:

sudo dpkg -i <package name>

respecting the sequence above.

Note: to run the ibm-sdk-loop on the Power Machines using ssh, you will have to connect to the server using

ssh -XC -c blowfish-cbc,arcfour <user>@<host> -p <port_number>

The blowfish-cbc,arcfour will make your connection even better. This command is necessary to xforward the image of the sdk running. Note2: if you get the "no matching cipher found" error, here you go the solution:

run the command above:

ssh -Q cipher localhost | paste -d , -s

Now its time to change the sshd_config file on the server(super privileges needed). Add on the /etc/ssh/sshd_config a line with:

Ciphers <output of the last command>

Reboot the machine to make this alterations running:

sudo shutdown -r now

Post written by Guilherme Lucas. You can see some of my work at .