The MiniCloud provides free access to Power® virtual machines. It allows easy access to an environment that can be configured for development, testing or migration of applications to Power. The virtual machines of MiniCloud run on PowerKVM™, which supports running a large number of virtual machines on a single scale-out Linux server.

Please, before requesting access to a virtual machine, read the terms of use.

Terms of Use

MiniCloud is hosted at State University of Campinas - Unicamp. Therefore, all users who request access to a virtual machine will be subject to the rules and procedures defined by Unicamp.

Besides the above mentioned, the following conditions of use apply:

  • There is no support for backup and maintenance of virtual machines in use. These tasks are the responsibility of those who requested access to the machine;
  • There are no guarantees about the availability of the machines. If the machines are not in operation, send email to openpower@ic.unicamp.br describing the problem;
  • Each machine will be available for 1 month. If more time is needed, please email openpower@ic.unicamp.br requesting that the deadline be extended.
  • The user has root access to the virtual machine;
  • Access, display, storage or transmition of text, images or sounds that may be deemed offensive or abusive is prohibited;
  • Using the computational resources of Unicamp to invade, alter, or destroy computer resources from other institutions is prohibited;
  • The user of MiniCloud will respond to misuse of computing resources in all circumstances;
Request Access

Fill out the fields below to request access to MiniCloud. In the "Message" field, briefly describe why you would like to have access to a virtual machine and which operational system you would like to use: Ubuntu 14.04 or Fedora 20. We will contact you soon.

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