Campinas Public University (Unicamp) and IBM have estabilished important partnerships for the development of the academic community in the area of ​​information technology. The initiatives involves two projects: a public minicloud within Unicamp with IBM Power Systems® infrastructure and Unicamp’s participation in the OpenPOWER Foundation’s consortium.

Unicamp’s [Minicloud] (http://openpower.ic.unicamp.br/minicloud) provides free access to IBM Power Systems® virtual machines for academic users and for the Open Source community. The environment is available for developing, testing and migrating applications to the IBM server. Minicloud uses IBM PowerKVM ™, which is an open virtualization solution that supports running a large number of virtual machines on a single server running Linux operating system.

[OpenPOWER] (https://openpowerfoundation.org/) is an open and collaborative community for the development of the IBM POWER processor. In late 2013, IBM opened the POWER processor chip technology to the market to drive innovation and create an ecosystem on the platform. Unicamp is the first Brazilian institution to participate in the consortium, which today has more than 87 members worldwide, including hardware, software, technical computing, data centers and universities.

Unicamp’s membership of the OpenPower Foundation strengthens the partnership between institutions for development in the Linux environment. In late 2003, Unicamp began partnering with IBM’s Linux Technology Center Brazil (LTC), and since then both have been working together on developing solutions and research on the POWER platform, both in the Open Source community and in academia. Today, LTC has a laboratory on the university campus where the work is carried out jointly with professors, undergraduate and master students.

“Partnerships like this one are very important to Unicamp, as they enable scholarship students to be involved in a work environment and in the execution of projects that go beyond the academic environment, complementing the student’s experience so that the university fulfills its main function. to train highly qualified human resources”, emphasizes the Professors Sandro Rigo and Rodolfo Azevedo, from the Unicamp Computing Institute.

“Unicamp’s OpenPower Foundation membership will enable workgroups to exchange experience and knowledge across diverse areas, enabling the development of the ecosystem around Linux on POWER servers,” says Aníbal Strianese, Server Sales Executive at OpenPower Foundation. IBM Brazil.

About Unicamp

The University of Campinas (Unicamp) was officially founded on October 5, 1966. Today is considered one of the leading educational and research institutions in the country. It has three campuses located in the cities of Campinas, Piracicaba and Limeira, and also 24 teaching and research institutes. It’s academic production corresponds to 15% of the research in Brazil. Unicamp considers scientific research primarily as a component in the quality of education, but also as an economic activity. This leads to natural relationships with the industry, easy dialogue with funding agencies and quick insertion into the production process. For more information about Unicamp, visit http://www.unicamp.br.

About IBM

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